What Does A Choker Necklace Mean And How To Make One By Yourself

What does a choker necklace mean? A choker necklace is one of the necklace that has a small cord and fits perfectly in our necks. Not like the other necklace that touching your collar bone, this choker necklace is really small and fit the neck perfectly.

Historically the choker necklace trend is starting from the France Revolution, people are having a red ribbon tied in their necks as a sympathy symbol for their friends, or relatives that passed away. And there are also people who have a black ribbon tied in their necks, this black ribbon means that the people who wear it are the prostitute. And that is the beginning of the choker necklace, sure this information could answer your question about what does a choker necklace mean? And complete all these information, here are the step by step for you about how to make your own choker necklace:

Cords Material

There are a lot of types of choker that use a different material of cords. And here are some of the materials:

  1. Lace

You know lace is really pretty, and you could also make a choker necklace with a lace as its cord. It would give you that sexy and elegant looks.

What Does A Choker Necklace Mean

  1. Ribbon

For you who want to make a choker necklace without a hook, this material is a perfect suit for you. You could choose any colour of ribbon that you like, and then you just need to get it tied on your neck and that’s it.


  1. Leather

This one is also really cute and simple, you only need to measure your neck, make sure that the necklace would not choke you that much. This leather choker necklace is usually become people’s favourite.

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Pendant is the answer for what does a choker necklace mean? Pendant is the most crucial ornament for a choker necklace. You could use a pendant to decorate your choker necklace, choose any pendant that you like then put it on your choker necklace. Here are some of the pendant shape ideas that you need to know:

  1. Single Pearl

You could use a single pearl pendant to decorate your choker necklace, since a choker necklace is a simple necklace, you only need one pendant to decorate it.

Single Pearl

  1. Small Pendant

Or you could choose any shape of pendant. But remember to only choose a small shaped pendant to keep the choker necklace simple. You could choose an animal shaped pendant, heart shaped pendant, or any other pendant that you like.

Small Pendant

  1. Diamond pendant

A diamond is also could be a good pendant for choker. You could choose a teardrop shaped diamond, and for the colour you could choose any colour of diamond that you like. The best pendant for choker necklace, is the small diamond pendant. It would make the choker necklace but yet still simple.

Diamond pendant

Making a choker necklace is really easy, you only need to choose what kind of cord and pendant that you like for your choker necklace. hope this information could help you in finding an answer about what does a choker necklace mean?